At EBC Technologies, we're a team of dedicated developers behind India's leading legal research tools under the brand name SCC Online ( 

EBC Technologies, the software development division of EBC Publishing Pvt. Ltd. (part of the EBC Group), was formed to develop technological platforms for legal research and access to legal materials, a legacy born out of necessity. We launched the first Legal Research tool in India in 1996. The EBC group has been providing reliable, accurate legal information for over 75 years. 

Our vision is to build a legacy for the legal system in India, and we've been doing that since 1996 with our first product launch. We've built Windows and Linux desktop apps, websites and mobile apps to make our legal research tools. Our products are used widely not just in India but also internationally. Despite the changes in how people get legal information, we have continued to innovate and update our technology so that customers have the best experience possible when accessing legal materials and performing legal research for litigation or academic purposes. 

Based in Lucknow, we're looking for other talented individuals eager to learn and implement latest technologies to join our team to will help improve current products and develop new offerings. 


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